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Trust creates leadership

  • “We struggle to retain our top talents”
  • “We want to be the best in our market”
  • “Our teams aren’t functioning well”

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Our expertise

The leadership in organisations is renewing itself: the new generation does not automatically follow in the footsteps of their predecessors. This is often confusing for leaders and sometimes somewhat disturbing. We believe that the new generation can help accelerate transformation throughout the organisation. Developing the leadership of the future therefor pays double: it mobilizes the potential of the organisation and it creates a new generation of leaders.

Leaders create connection within the organization, within teams, with the vision and mission of the organization. They create connection between generations in this hectic, digital and rapidly renewing society. Connecting leadership is a condition for renewal. We facilitate tailor-made leadership programs with that goal.


Nature makes us humble, receptive and without the internet or other distractions, participants come to deeper insights that lead to personal transformation.

Where possible, our leadership development programs culminate in a wilderness trail.

We immerse ourselves in unspoiled nature: the Alps, Scandinavia, Spain, Scotland, Ireland but also the Dutch Wadden.

“Peer Councils” allow participants to express themselves in order to find inspiration and the connection with themselves and others.


“Design and facilitate a challenging program for our talents and promising professionals that will aid them in the development of their leadership.”
“Design a program for a selected group of top talents of around 30 years old.”