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Design and facilitate a challenging program for our talents and promising professionals that will aid them in the development of their leadership.

Guide talents and promising professionals towards a new type of leadership that will allow them to collaborate on a high level, develop a broad perspective and strategic mindset in order to make impact in this complex retail business.

Inspire them to speak out their inner truths and truly connect to themselves and others. “You can only lead others when you can lead yourself.”


In co-creation we developed a 9-month program, consisting of 5 multi-day modules, culminating in a wilderness trail in the Swiss Alps.

In the program we used both dialogue and silent walks as a means for reflection.  Different interventions gave participants new ways of looking at their personal challenges. Using business cases, supported by relevant theories as starting point.

The fourth module has the approach to converse with inspiring business leaders of today. What is their vision of leadership? Which hardships did they encounter on their way to the top? What are the most important lessons they learned? The participants interviewed our guests and it always became fascinating dialogues about the leadership of the future.


  • Participants made significant steps towards becoming better leaders. This has led to changes in professional and personal behavior.
  • Participants built a meaningful network that enables them to collaborate on a high level.
  • Participants are aware of their potential and personal mission as leader, having committed themselves to the core values and goals of the organization.
  • Participants learn to reach results by effectively leading others.

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