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Design a program for a select group of our 30± year old top talents. The program needs to have a perfect fit to the developmental needs of this new generation high potentials. The approach needs to be innovative, yield a sustainable learning experience and be close to the daily van Oord business. In short: a program with the ‘wow’ factor with long term payoffs for the company.


In co-creation we designed a 9-month talent program consisting of 3 multi-day modules ending with a back to basics trail in the Alps. The program focusses on dialogue, with yourself and others. What are your strengths and weaknesses? By allowing the participants to be vulnerable we created a setting of trust and safety, which allowed for experimentation and vicarious learning. We employed training actors to optimize the learning experience and let participants practice giving and receiving feedback. Inspiring leaders from inside and outside the organisation were invited to share their vision on personal development and leadership.

In between modules, participants were coached extensively both online and offline, receiving feedback on their learning goals and working on the van Oord Strategic Business Case which was provided by upper management.


  • Participants went through a sustainable and visible change in the way they act as professional, expert and future leader.
  • Participants became aware of their potential and personal mission as young talent. They committed to the core values and goals of the company.
  • Participants have built a meaningful network which allows them to collaborate on a high level.
  • Participants learn to obtain results by effectively leading others.

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