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An ambitious, feasible strategy only works with full commitment, based on jointly achieved insights. That is why we do not follow the traditional approach, whereby consultants write thick slide decks full of small print based on their own data analysis and management interviews. In our view, strategy is ideally a participatory process.

A strategy working group with people from within the organisation

We rely on the knowledge and intelligence of the collective. An internal Strategy Working Group, consisting of a diverse key players and talents from within the organisation, explores new perspectives to look at the organisational challenge.

They will collect and analyse the data, and continuously seek dialogue: both internally (with employees from different generations and out of different layers in the organisation) and externally (with, for example, customers, suppliers, trade organisations, experts, NGOs and shareholders). This results in a multitude of, sometimes surprising, data.
This approach leads to new insights.

The dialogue helps to get rid of assumptions, blind spots, and ‘elephants in the room’. If this is successful, the desired breakthrough will occur.

Mobilising collective intelligence

It is always special to see how the collective intelligence of a well-cooperating team proves to be better able to see the big picture than the cleverest individual. And how much commitment is created in the team when conclusions are collectively reached.

How we help

We specialise in designing and supervising these types of strategy processes, in which customisation is paramount. We build trust in the process, facilitate the dialogue and ensure that the conclusions are well substantiated.

Our approach follows the steps of The TransformationDialogue. During the process we use various effective models and interventions, such as DEPEST, SWOT, Scenario Analysis, Market Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Future Backwards, Plateau Planning and the Transition Impact Scan.

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