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Cookie policy & disclaimer

We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to offer functionalities for social media and to analyse our web traffic. We also share information with our partners for social media, advertising and analysis. These partners may combine this data with other information you have provided them or that they have collected when you made use of their services. A cookie is a small file that is stored on your harddrive by the webbrowser. That information can be resent to our servers on a returning visit.

Permanent cookies
Permanent cookies help us recognise you when revisiting our website. This allows the website to be tailored to your preferences. This includes remembering your cookie preferences. Which makes sure that you don’t have to keep reentering your cookie settings which saves you time and eases your visit. Permanent cookies can be deleted via your browser settings.

Analytical cookies
Analytical cookies allow us to see which parts of the website you browsed during your visit. This allows us to tailor our service to the browsing behaviour of our visitors. These cookies are deleted automatically when the webbrowser is closed.

Marketing cookies
With your permission we place a cookie on your device which can be activated when you visit a website in our network. This informs us that you have been to other websites in our netwerk. This profile is not connected to your name, adres or email, but solely serves the purpose to show you the most relevant ads.

Tracking third party cookies
With your permission our advertisers will place tracking cookies on your devices. These cookies are used to track which pages you visit from their network. In order to build a profile of your online browsing behaviour. Information from other websites in their network is used to build this profile. This profile is not connected to your name, adres or email but solely serves the purpose to show you the most relevant ads.

Google analytics cookie
Our websites places a google analytics cookie, which we use to monitor and report on the online behaviour of the vistors of our website. Google could provide this information to third parties if they become legally obligated to do so. We are unable to influence this. We have not given Google permission to use this data for other Google services. The information Google collects is anonymised as much as possible, your IP-adres is not provided. The information is transferred to Google servers in the United States of America. Google abides by the Privacy Shield principles and is affiliated with the Privacy Shield-Program of the US government. Meaning that there is an adequate level of protection for processing potential personal data.

Right to insight, correction and deletion of personal data
You have the right to demand insight, correction or deletion of your personal data, see our contactpage. To prevent misuse, we would ask you to provide proper identification when you do so. In the case of personal data related to a cookie, we ask you to send a copy of the cookie in question. This can be found in your browser settings.

Deleting cookies
More information about activating, deactivating and deleting cookies can be found in the instructions of the browser.

Deleting third party cookies
Some tracking cookies are placed by third parties who use our website to show ads to you. These cookies can be deleted via Your Online Choices. Furthermore you could change your cookie preferences.

More information on cookies?
ICTRecht: Achtergrond Cookiewet
Consumentenbod: Wat zijn cookies?
Consumentenbod: Cookies verwijderen
Your Online Choices: A guide to online behavioural advertising

1. De Transformatiegroep B.V. henceforth know as DTG, provides acces to (the website) and publishes informative texts, visuals and other material.
2. DTG has the right to change or delete content whenever they want without communicating about it.
3. The information on the website is non committed, DTG optimises and actualises the content on the website as often as possible. Nevertheless it is possible that some information might me inaccurate.
4. DTG is not responsible for the hyperlinks on the website.
5. All rights of intellectual property are owned by DTG.
6. Copying, spreading and others uses of the content is not allowed without written consent by DTG, unless otherwise indicated.
7. DTG respects the privacy of the users of the website. Personal user data is carefully processed and secured. DTG abides by the laws of the Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens.


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