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Executive Nature Trails are a unique part of our team and leadership programs.

We develop a tailor-made three to four-day program in unspoiled nature, without the distraction of calls, apps and emails. Nature connects, creates peace, makes us receptive and facilitates ‘the difficult conversation’. Participants achieve more sustainable changes than with any other intervention. Afterwards, participants often testify to a fundamental transformation within themselves and at team and/or organisational level.

Over the past twelve years we have organised more than a hundred Executive Nature Trails at home and abroad.


Executed Executive Nature Trails

Trails: sustainable and based on respect for nature

Commitment to sustainability is essential to maintain a livable earth for future generations. Respect for nature is paramount in our trails. We avoid any form of disruption or damage due to our presence in the areas we visit. Partly for this reason, local guides are always present at our trails.

In terms of location and travel, we offer suitable options depending on the group, limiting the possible negative impact of our trails as much as possible and compensating for CO2 emissions from travel in a reliable manner:

  • The vast majority of trails take place in nature reserves in and around the Netherlands. We carpool or train and advise participants to do the same.
  • For trails and sessions within Europe, we primarily offer locations that can be reached from the Netherlands by car (with carpooling) or train within a reasonable travel time. If this is not feasible, we offer compensation for the CO2 emissions from flying.
  • During trails and sessions for European or global management teams, CO2 emissions from flying are unfortunately unavoidable. That’s why we always compensate here.

How we compensate

We reduce our CO2 emissions as much as possible by choosing the green travel option where possible. Because we cannot yet avoid all CO2 emissions, we compensate our annual emissions (135 tons of CO2) through a donation to Trees For All. In this way we not only contribute to a better climate (CO2 compensation), but we also ensure the restoration of biodiversity and healthy living conditions for people worldwide.

At our trail in Botswana, we contribute to nature management and local employment through financial support to the Timbo Africa Foundation.

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