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Trust creates transformation

  •  “We can’t find growth, our clients are ageing”
  •  “The star players on the team don’t know how to play together”
  •  “We want to make our business completely sustainable”
  •  “Our business model is being disrupted by new technologies”
  •  “Our organization does not act according to its own core values”

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Our expertise 

Tough problems and burning ambitions force us to seek new directions. We help leaders and teams not by providing them with new directions, but by facilitating the process from which these new directions arise.

Essential in the process: a base of trust and safety.

With a series of proven interventions, trust and safety are strengthened and the obstacles that stand in the way of change are addressed. Only then will new perspectives arise and be accepted and then put into practise.

We have successfully applied this approach in vision and strategy processes, team building, conflict resolution and many other transformational challenges.


Our approach is that of a structured and facilitated dialogue. We call this the New Directions Dialogue®. This method is inspired by the work of international thought leaders such as Otto Scharmer, Adam Kahane and Patrick Lencioni. Complemented by our own experience in prominent companies and the needs of CEO’s, teams and employees.

A New Directions Dialogue could take a single session but it could as well be a layered process of longer duration. In the New Directions Dialogue we continuously shift from reflection to concrete action. Sometimes diving deep into the content, sometimes focussing solely on the mutual connection.
We have numerous methods and tools that have been tried and tested in practise to facilitate the New Directions Dialogue.


“How do we become the best supermarket? How do we get everybody behind this ambition and its implementation”